Take a deep breath.

you don’t need to be disorganized in your home or business anymore.


Does your home or workspace cause you stress and disfunction?

Do you continue to ignore the problem, saying you will get to it one day?

I will help you get to the root of a problem, to create change and make the organizing sustainable. You have every ability to have a tidy home, an organized company or workspace, and keep it that way.

Learn how to:

*Define what tidy means to you or your company

*Let go of items that have a negative impact on you or your business

*Change the way you think about your space & items and Start making intentional choices


About katie

Katie strives to live a balanced & intentional life. That means being intentional with what’s around you.

Katie’s experience as a television news writer, theatre director, on-air traffic & weather host, and drama/improv teacher HAVE called upon her to be highly organized, efficient, and process -driven. it also helps her guide others when organizing their space, in a caring & non-judgemental way. katie uses her experience as a business owner & former employee of large business structures, as insight when navigating flaws in a company process.

Katie is passionate about helping individuals & businesses to feel more joyful, inspired, and to take control of their space, work & life. It’s nice to virtually meet you!